Thursday, February 28, 2008

Proud Completion of 1934 (1st May) - 1941 (1st March) Sir Charles Vyner Brooke

After some wait, I have finally completed this set of 1934/1941 set of Sir Charles Vyner Brooke stamps. This is the original un-overprinted set of stamps, meaning this set of stamps does not bear the "BMA" Overprint or the Crown Colony Overprint. I will detail both of these Overprinted sets in the future. The 3 stamps I bidded and won on eBay are the most expensive 3 in the set of 26 stamps. Previously I have been reluctant to dish out too much money just to complete this set - but now I am happy it's done!

(Above) This is the $5 value in the set, priced at RM150 in the ISC Catalogue, and £27 (US$53.71) in the SG Catalogue. Usually I would not dish out more than 25% of the SG Catalogue price to get a stamp, but this time I forked out US$31.10. Why? 2 reasons: 1) This stamp is Mint Not Hinged, meaning the gum at the back is completely undisturbed... which is rare because stamps during that time mostly have been previously hinged; and 2) I need this to complete my collection!
(Above) This is the $4 value in the set, cataloging at RM130 in the ISC, and £27 in SG. Make no mistake I have overpaid for this one as well, but for the same reasons as above, I am a happy man.

(Above) This is the $3 value, coming in at RM120 in the ISC and £27 in SG. Stanley Gibbons priced these 3 stamps all at £27 each, when ISC differentiates between the 3, albeit mildly.

So now, these 3 stamps could go in between these......

(Above) The $2 and the $10 values waiting for the $3, $4 and $5 values to squeeze in right between for the completion of the 1932/41 Charles Vyner Brooke family of 26-stamps set.

I have asked the seller to hold these 3 valuable stamps for me, because I do not trust the postal system in Malaysia enough. Apparently he advised against sending it here as well, because in his words, everything he has ever sent to Malaysia "disappeared without a trace".

So I will get them in Sydney come May.


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